Household Goods

This program provides vouchers for families unable to buy the items on the required list of school supplies.

Consultation and Referral Services

The Clothes Closet provides good clothes at no cost to people in need. In times of personal disaster (fire, flood, etc.) clients are allowed to choose their own wardrobes. Volunteers sort donated clothing to be placed in the Clothes Closet.

The Food Pantry offers short term assistance to families who do not have food in the house. Food is donated by individuals and purchased from the San Antonio Food Bank. Donated items are welcomed (and very much appreciated!) from the public.  

School Supply Program

This program provides pays for eye exams and glasses for children upon the recommendation of a school nurse.

All of our Services...

Medical Assistance Program

Household Goods

This program pays for prescription medications on an emergency basis and provides loaned medical equipment for clients who cannot afford them.  

This program served approximately 200 families last year. The program provides utility assistance of up to $100 a year or 100 gallons of propane to clients in a cut-off situation.

Utility Assistance Program

    ​​​    Bandera Village of Hope

This program Provides basic health care to uninsured or under-insured adults with low family income.

This program works like The Clothes Closet; donated items are stored until they are needed by families in distress. They may receive anything from a bed and dresser to a houseful of furniture, dishes, kitchen items, blankets, etc. The number of people served varies upon the number and severity of natural disasters in the area.  

These services are provided at the time when the immediate crisis has passed and families are finding their way back to a normal life. Services may be provided by referring the individual or family to another agency. The consulting component of our services include teaching good parenting and other life skills, creating and managing a budget, preparing for job interviews, providing nutritious meals on a budget, etc. 


Arthur Nagel Health Clinic

Visual Aid Program